Hiring a hitman: Inside a Florida dentist’s alleged plot to have his sister’s ex, a prominent attorney, killed


A Florida attorney allegedly contended with nightmare in-legal guidelines and confronted deadly consequences

Wendi Adelson took the stand in a Florida court docket in advance this month to testify at one in all the rigors associated with the 2014 homicide of her ex-husband, regulation professor Dan Markel.

“I don’t need to recognize what happened,” she informed the protection.

With her long, grimy blonde hair protecting the collar of a black blazer she wore over a grey dress, her demeanor various among the apparently good-natured, “Who, me?”-kind witness and the type who at instances grew combative, irked on the questions being thrown her manner.

Adelson, a attorney herself, testified below oath simply toes from the lady accused of appearing as a go-among for the lady’s ex-boyfriend, Adelson’s brother, and the guys who allegedly finished the homicide. That lady, Katherine Magbanua, changed into convicted past due Friday of first-diploma homicide, conspiracy to devote homicide and solicitation to devote homicide.

Some have speculated as to Adelson’s genuine involvement withinside the case – how an awful lot she knew earlier than, throughout or after her ex‘s homicide approximately the situations surrounding his execution-fashion death. Wendi has insisted she changed into now no longer aware about any plot.

Just weeks earlier than her May 19 testimony in a Leon County court docket, Adelson’s brother, Charlie, changed into arrested and charged with first-diploma homicide, conspiracy to devote first-diploma homicide and solicitation to devote first-diploma homicide for allegedly hiring guys to kill his sister, Wendi’s, ex-husband.

“There’s definitely anxiety among you and this office, right?” requested Magbanua’s protection lawyer, concerning the Leon County State’s Attorney’s office.

She admitted, while requested, that attesting changed into “very uncomfortable” in mild of the current activities surrounding her brother.

“Lots of media insinuates that I did some thing I failed to do, too,” she responds.

Regardless of whether or not she did or did now no longer recognize of the alleged plans for Markel’s homicide – and whether or not she likes it or now no longer – Wendi Adelson stays on the coronary heart of the case.

“For all and sundry to signify that she could placed her sons via such and awful anguish is simply absurd and mean-spirited. This tragedy has had a horrible impact on Wendy and her sons,” John Lauro, Wendi’s lawyer, informed Fox News Digital on Sunday.

He added: “[For] nearly 8 years now, the police have executed an intensely thorough research of Wendi. They have discovered now no longer a unmarried e mail, text, recorded conversation, telecellsmartphone record – anything – that implicates Wendy at all. Zero … The backside line is if there has been some thing that tied Wendi to this awful crime – and there is now no longer – we might have visible it in actual proof.”

Daniel “Danny” Markel, a distinguished Florida State University regulation professor, changed into at the heels of a contentious divorce with Wendi while he changed into gunned down in his automobile on July 18, 2014. The pair disagreed and sparred in courtroom docket files over positive issues, namely, Wendi’s relocation from Tallahassee to be in the direction of her own circle of relatives in south Florida.

Tallahassee Police Department investigators have stated Markel dropped his youngsters off at daycare round 8:50 a.m. more or less 5 miles from his domestic after which made his manner to Premier Health and Fitness Center, in which he arrived round 9:12 a.m., in step with a possible purpose affidavit shared on-line in 2016.

Police discovered that a Toyota Prius had observed Markel now no longer best into the automobile parking space of the health facility, however changed into additionally “trailing Markel’s automobile” earlier than and after his time withinside the gym.

“Investigators trust the suspects withinside the Prius observed the sufferer at some point of the morning and again to this residence, in which the sufferer changed into shot withinside the head as he sat in his automobile,” the affidavit states. “Markel’s neighbor heard what he believed to be a gunshot and seemed out the window, in which he noticed a small silver or mild-coloured vehicle, equivalent to a Prius, taking flight of the sufferer’s driveway.”

Markel changed into rushed to a neighborhood hospital, however in the end couldn’t be saved.

On the day of the homicide, Wendi Adelson sat for an interview with police that lasted as a minimum six hours and with out an lawyer, she has stated. Lauro stated she did so willingly.

“Immediately after the police went to her, Wendi sat for seven hours. Answered all of the questions. Turned over her mobileular telecellsmartphone, her computer, her automobile, her domestic,” Lauro, her lawyer, stated. “When she changed into informed that her ex-husband have been shot and changed into actually demise at a hospital, she went right into a move of recognition notion-pattern … she actually attempted each manner to look her memory, her notion procedure to help the police in arising with any facts that that is probably helpful.”

Sigfredo Garcia and his alleged accomplice, Luis Rivera, have been charged in June 2016. Magbanua changed into arrested months later in October 2016. Garcia changed into convicted in 2019 of first-diploma homicide, and has appealed his conviction. Rivera in the end pleaded responsible to second-diploma homicide.

Garcia’s lawyer did now no longer reply to Fox News Digital’s request searching for comment.

The affidavit in addition describes a sequence of telecellsmartphone calls among Magbanua, the daddy of her youngsters, Sigfredo Garcia, Charlie Adelson, and different contributors of his own circle of relatives.

Wendi Adelson’s dad and mom, Harvey and Donna, and her brother lived in South Florida. Harvey based a dental exercise, in which his son – and almost all and sundry withinside the own circle of relatives – had labored at one time or another.

During Wendi Adelson’s testimony in advance this month, Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman referenced an e mail change among Adelson and Donna Adelson in asking what her mom felt changed into “the maximum critical a part of your divorce.”

“That changed into relocation,” Adelson spoke back.

Hiring a hitman

She later stated her proximity to her dad and mom changed into now no longer the only cause why she desired to move. She mentioned that, “it changed into certainly a cause.”

“I desired to create a few balance for my youngsters and own circle of relatives, having own circle of relatives round, facilitates have a greater solid environment,” she testified.

But Markel changed into “adamantly opposed” to Adelson taking their youngsters to south Florida, Cappleman contended, to which Adelson agreed. Adelson stated her mom recommended converting the youngsters’s religion – which changed into stated to had been critical to Markel – or even bribe him with as much as one million dollars, “$330,000 each … my mom, my dad and Charlie.”

After Markel’s death, Wendi Adelson stayed in Tallahassee “for some days” earlier than shifting farfar from the area, she testified. She informed the prosecutor she didn’t sense safe. She later went directly to extrade her youngsters’s ultimate names from Markel to Adelson, and extrade one in all their son’s center names, notwithstanding its symbolism and importance to the Markel own circle of relatives.

Prosecutors pressed her throughout her testimony approximately remarks she allegedly made throughout her interview with police simply hours after Markel’s death.

“One of the belongings you stated changed into that your own circle of relatives very an awful lot disliked him and which you notion it changed into viable that a person had executed this to your behalf,” Cappleman contended to Adelson, who did now no longer agree that she had made that unique assertion.

Adelson spoke back: “I did say I notion a person would possibly have executed this on my behalf, yes.”

She additionally noted: “I assume I speculated approximately masses of factors throughout the six hours I spent with regulation enforcement with out an lawyer present.”

“Did your brother ever point out hiring a hitman to kill your ex-husband?” Cappleman requested in advance withinside the examination.

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Adelson spoke back that he “in no way referred to hiring a hitman.”

“He informed one off-colour shaggy dog story in which he stated, he had sold me a TV after I were given divorced and stated it changed into a gift and made a totally horrific shaggy dog story, in horrific taste, that it changed into less expensive than hiring a hitman,” Adelson stated.

Asked whether or not Charlie made the shaggy dog story as soon as or more than one instances, Wendi Adelson stated her brother “has an inclination to copy himself, so the entirety he says, he says more than one instances.”

She stated he had made the shaggy dog story “simply two times as a minimum.”

Wendi stated she had best met Magbanua a handful of instances. Magbanua had allegedly additionally labored for the Adelsons’ dental exercise for a brief period.

Asked if she changed into “worried withinside the plot to kill your husband,” Adelson spoke back: “Absolutely now no longer.”

“Did you’ve got got information of the plot to kill your husband?”

“No,” she stated.

Speaking to Fox News Digital on Sunday, Lauro stated “one of the first things” Wendi Adelson mentioned throughout her interview with police changed into the shaggy dog story her brother had made. He stated that in addition indicates that any argument that Wendi should had been “by some means a part of a homicide-for-lease plot is certainly ludicrous.”

Charlie Adelson, age 45, changed into arrested in April 2022 after he changed into indicted via way of means of a grand jury.

Leon County State Attorney Jack Campbell stated in a assertion on the time that investigators have been capable of enhance the high-satisfactory of a secretly recorded assembly among Charlie Adelson and Magbanua, who changed into arrested best months after their taped rendezvous.

The assembly changed into recorded in 2016 as a part of an “undercover regulation enforcement operation,” Cappleman informed Fox News Digital. The superior recording, “furnished us with a few new statements that we felt have been damaging,” Cappelman stated.

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His legal professionals did now no longer reply to more than one requests searching for comment.

Speaking approximately Markel, Cappleman stated she changed into now no longer aware about any proof to suggest Markel changed into involved approximately his protection previous to his death.

She stated Markel’s own circle of relatives changed into “fully suffering from the complete situation.”

Markel’s father did now no longer reply to Fox News Digital’s request searching for an interview.

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