How can men identify that their cholesterol levels have increased?


High cholesterol is an emergency case that may come with many symptoms. For this disorder, it is important for you to find out the symptoms as early as possible and to detect the treatment for it. 

The cases of high cholesterol in people of all ages are rising. According to health experts the reason for having high cholesterol could be genetic or else it could also occur due to lifestyle issues. 

So in case you don’t have any idea about what cholesterol is well, it is a waxy substance that is produced by your liver. It is not that cholesterol I entirely bad for your health. 

Cholesterol is good for your health too provided it is present in your body in appropriate amounts. Some of the important functions of having cholesterol in your body include its role in the formation of the cell membranes, vitamin D, and also some hormones too. 

What is the good and bad part of cholesterol?

Cholesterol is bad for your health. You may have heard of this rumor. But this is only partially correct. You see there is both a good part to cholesterol and a bad part to it. 

The bad part of cholesterol is the LD or the low-density level of cholesterol. All the health complications in your body such as increases in risks of having a cardiac attack, damage to blood vessels and arteries, and even men having to take pills like Cenforce 200 mg and some others, of them will be caused due to the presence of this LDL cholesterol. 

On the other hand, there is this good part of cholesterol too. high-density cholesterol or HDL is the good part of cholesterol and this is the cholesterol that is important for metabolic functions as we told you above in this article. 

Symptoms of having high cholesterol

The problem with having high cho0lesterol is that it may not come with symptoms all the time. You see this is the reason why men even having high cholesterol already cannot detect it. And therefore they are late with the diagnosis part and eventually have to take up to medicines such as Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100 mg for curing several health issues. 

But surely on several other occasions, it does come with some symptoms. And in this section, we are going to find out about some of the symptoms of having high cholesterol. 

These include-

Having whitish spots developed on the lower part of your eyes

Whitish stools which indicate the presence of fats in stools

Having chest pain



All the symptoms of high blood pressure



Faster and irregular heartbeat


Difficulty in breathing normally

For a patient, more than one symptom can usually occur simultaneously. Doctors generally begin the diagnosis of having high cholesterol simply by conducting a blood test. 

What is the safe amount of blood cholesterol above which it is high cholesterol is classified as a disorder?

Generally, with average grown-up humans, the same amount of cholesterol in your blood is 200mg per deciliter. If the cholesterol levels in your blood go up beyond this amount then it is medically classified as a disorder and the patient is termed to be having high cholesterol.  

A patient who is once diagnosed with having high cholesterol will be put up to several other tests to find out its usual back-end cause.

Of course, the doctors pending on the severity levels of the disorder could give you prescriptions and recommend you to avoid having a restrictive food and diet along with giving up on some lifestyle habits such as doing some exercises, avoiding addictions, and others. 

Along with this if the levels of cholesterol are high enough then the doctors may also recommend pills for the short term for you to find a complete cure. 

 Of course, having mildly to moderately high cholesterol is not that severe as it can be easily reversed provided you 

Can stick with some precaution measures as given by your doctor and implement them in your life sensibly. But in case not then you have to stick with using pills and the lifestyle changes incurred by the doctor will last throughout your lifetime.  

Remember that one of the added complexities with having high cholesterol is that it may come with many other health complexions which may force the patient to take other pills such as Vidalista 20

What are the possible reasons for having high cholesterol?

Now, the possible reasons for having high cholesterol could be either genetic or else it might also be caused due to several lifestyle habits. 

Some of the lifestyle habits that may lead up to having high cholesterol at any age include-

Having high addiction to substances such as alcohol

Genetic issues that is your immediate parents being a patient with cholesterol

Bad food habits are a high intake of snacks, processed and fast food items.

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