TELLING PORKIES How does Peppa Pig die in the alternative backstory?


YOU would not suppose a kid’s display like Peppa Pig should encourage a darkish fan concept, however right here we are.

Peppa Pig’s opportunity backstory is not one to reveal the children.

How does Peppa Pig die withinside the opportunity backstory?

Peppa Pig Die

Over on Wattpad, a social storytelling platform, a fan beneathneath the username animegeek00 has created a fan fiction collection called ‘Time to smash your childhood!’.

It imagines that each one the characters from Peppa Pig are without a doubt lifeless and that what visitors see on TV is the ones characters resurrected as animals.

The opportunity backstory claimed: “Peppa become by no means a healthful child. She become typically unwell and spent her quick existence in a clinic bed.

“One night, Peppa’s mother and father determined it’d be fine in the event that they euthanised her.

“So that night, Peppa fell asleep and he or she become injected with a poison consequently killing her.

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“This reasons Peppa to need to be a fairy as her closing dream become approximately fairies.”

Does Peppa Pig die withinside the actual story?

TELLING PORKIES How does Peppa Pig die in the alternative backstory?

The individual children see at the TV is not anything however child-pleasant lightness, so no, Peppa Pig does now no longer die.

Peppa Pig is a 4 12 months vintage and the display centres round Peppa’s own circle of relatives and friends.

There were 8 collection of the hit kid’s display so far.

The best key extrade to Peppa’s individual is that Harley Bird is now no longer voicing her – Peppa is now voiced with the aid of using Amelie Bea Smith.

Are there every other opportunity Peppa Pig backstories?

TELLING PORKIES How does Peppa Pig die

The opportunity backstory additionally theorises that Peppa’s mother and father could not stay with the guilt of Peppa’s death, so sooner or later Daddy Pig snaps and kills himself – however now no longer earlier than killing Mummy Pig and George too.

The fan has imagined tragic backstories for different characters, which includes Suzy Sheep who receives run over with the aid of using a truck and her mom who dies of a drug overdose quickly after.

They advise the purpose visitors by no means see Suzy and Mr Zebra in an episode collectively is due to the fact he drove the truck that killed Suzy.

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Meanwhile Pedro become murdered with the aid of using bullies, that’s why withinside the display he would not have many friends.

Finally, the concept ends with Grandma Pig, who’s the closing to die.

The concept states: “Grandma Pig is schizophrenic and is likewise taking more than one drugs. All of the characters of Peppa Pig are all of her cherished ones.”

It continues: “Grandma Pig is a widow, in grief, and absolutely alone. So her schizophrenia took over and transported her to a global wherein her cherished ones are alive and well.”

There are different darkish imaginings across the children display on channels like Reddit.

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