TikTokers Sir Carter, ThatsSoRaffy accused of sexual assault by Fortnite pro


Fortnite seasoned JeffTheMVP has accused TikTok stars Sir Carter and ThatsSoRaffy of sexually assaulting him and a near buddy, alleging they exceeded out even as inebriated earlier than waking up subsequent to the social media pair “bare” and confused.

JeffTheMVP, a expert Fortnite participant presently signed to XTRA Gaming, has come ahead with accusations approximately Sir Carter, who has hundreds of thousands of fans on TikTok, and his buddy, ThatsSoRaffy.

Jeff alleges that he and his buddy, who prefers to stay anonymous, have been invited to Carter and Raffy’s house, wherein they have been time and again advocated to drink alcohol, informed to “get on their level,” and have been informed partying with the TikTok pair could get them “emblem deals, endorsements, and influencer pals.”

After a few time, Jeff says he and his buddy became “hazy and intoxicated” and exceeded out.

He then alleges that he wakened bare in mattress subsequent to Raffy, without a reminiscence of what had happened, and determined his buddy in Carter’s mattress.

The allegations


Jeff claims that on August 7, 2021, Raffy invited him and a near buddy to Carter’s Los Angeles domestic to “kick back and cross of their jacuzzi.” They have been hesitant before everything however obliged below the idea that it might be a very good risk to network.

He states Carter and Raffy have been “nicely informed” he recognized as a instantly male. He even claims to have informed them he had a female friend and turned into below the influence it turned into some thing they “accepted” and “understood.”


When they arrived, he analyze Raffy and Carter have been ingesting considering 7AM. He wrote that they stored urging him and his buddy to “get on their level” and time and again gave them drinks.

Jeff stated he and his buddy “desired to in shape in and lead them to happy,” in order that they went in conjunction with it. But after he began out feeling “hazy and intoxicated,” he claims they requested them to transport into certainly considered one among their bedrooms to look at a movie.

TikTokers Sir Carter, ThatsSoRaffy accused of sexual assault by Fortnite pro

“I began out napping off due to the fact I turned into critically below the influence,” stated Jeff. “I wakened withinside the mattress subsequent to Raffy, Carter’s buddy. I turned into bare and had no concept what had happened.”

“I had holes in my boxers that I later changed into the police for proof in conjunction with my white blouse that turned into included of their makeup. I went into panic mode and searched for my buddy. I determined him in mattress with Carter.

“I woke him up in misery due to the fact I felt violated and turned into bare. We quietly left, and each folks have been in shock. We each have been violated, and our minds have been everywhere in the place…

“I had no concept whatever like this will happen… We have been manipulated.”

The aftermath

TikTokers Sir Carter, ThatsSoRaffy

Afterward, Jeff claims they stored texting him as though “not anything turned into wrong.” He left Los Angeles quickly after and ultimately informed his sister what happened. She advocated him to record a police document and get looked at at a nearby hospital, which he did.

After leaving LA, Jeff allegedly obtained numerous messages from Larray, who’s pals with Carter and Raffy. These have been “despatched and un-despatched” time and again.

He additionally claims his esports crew, XTRA Gaming, made him experience “wrong” for trying to open up approximately it on social media. He stated: “They stated that I could must depart the crew if I desired to speak approximately this publicly.”

“It turned into a horrific feeling to be made to experience as though this turned into my fault. It wasn’t.”

Jeff, who competes in Fortnite seasoned tournaments, wrote the interactions with XTRA Gaming tainted his ardour for gaming, and said the purported assembly with Carter and Raffy made him not experience just like the equal person.


Jeff states that he has “receipts” from the evening, along with pics taken via way of means of police, a personal research document, and more. He additionally claims to have proof of his communique with contributors from XTRA Gaming.

Raffy and Carter haven’t begun to reply to Jeff’s put up on Twitter via way of means of publication.

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