What is the ‘how did Dora die’ trend on TikTok? Reaction videos explained


TikTok customers are going viral through sharing their reactions to googling the question ‘how did Dora die?’ and garnering masses of heaps of perspectives. Here’s the whole lot to understand approximately the strange fashion.

Short-shape video platform TikTok can regularly be a weird place, and a few of the developments which have long gone viral at the app have blown up honestly way to how extraordinary they are.

One such example, that first seemed at the app in overdue May, and has back to baffle customers once more in June, is the ‘how did Dora die’ fashion.

Dora, on this case, refers to caricature individual Dora the Explorer, who stars in a display of the equal call that functions the individual occurring adventures with a monkey known as Boots. The individual has grow to be an iconic a part of numerous memes online.

This darkish fashion related to Dora instructs humans to google seek how the individual supposedly died, filming their face each earlier than and after locating out the information.

Some customers which have participated withinside the fashion have garnered heaps of perspectives and likes for his or her stunned reactions.

Did Dora surely die?


No — you’ll be relieved to listen that Dora isn’t surely canonically dead.

Searching her motive of demise may also carry up effects like falling into quicksand or a river, falling right into a gorge, getting eaten through a crocodile, and getting “disintegrated through a lightning bolt,” amongst many others.

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However, those all seem to have originated with a fanmade track video known as ‘Dora No More’ published through TheStringiniBros in 2012. The video, regarded over nine million times, indicates the range of various methods Dora may want to have died on her adventuring, with the caption reading: “Exploring may be risky kids.”

Despite now no longer being real, those faux reasons of Dora’s demise were proving to be superb supply cloth for response movies on TikTok.

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