Wordle Today #469 Hints, Clues And Answer For Saturday, October 1st


Well it’s October, folks. That’s 9 months down, 3 to move for 2022. Month #10 is the primary surely autumnal month of the 12 months, and I’d say the month maximum human beings companion maximum with Fall.

Time to bust out the Halloween decorations, the orange lights, the antique dress boxes. All Hallows Eve approaches, and with it the abnormal aggregate of spooky and sweet.

I’m prepared for it. Ready for cooler days and cold nights and the leaves changing. This is the fine time of 12 months to get outdoor in nature, move on lengthy hikes.

And do Wordles, of course. Speaking of which . . . .

Today’s Wordle #469 Answer, Hint & Clue


The Warning: Spoilers! Yeah! You had been warned!

The Clue: Make like and tree and

The Hint: More vowels than consonants today!

The Answer:

This is, with out a doubt, the fine establishing bet I’ve ever had—aleven though I did now no longer realize it on the time.

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Slake changed into my try and take Wordle Bot’s #1 beginning bet and positioned a spin on it. To be fair, I suspect that slate could had been simply as good—no better, no worse. Either way, most effective viable answers remained out of 2,309. That’s…quite crazy.

I guessed whale next. I changed into incorrect however it seems I removed the remaining final answer aside from the right solution at this point. I didn’t realize it on the time. After a great deal thinking about I got here up with the most effective phrase I may want to think about left: leave.

And lo and behold, I changed into a champion! Alright, let’s make a like a tree and get the heck out of here….

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