YouTuber Kevin Samuels’ Ex-Wife Warned Him Before His 2022 Death: Tanasha Nicole Friar’s Prophetic Book


“The Godfather” of YouTube changed into warned through his ex-spouse approximately God’s coming contact

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“On February 8th, I stared evil withinside the face…I didn’t cower…”

A 109-web page ee-e book through Tanasha Nicole Friar, titled Gracefully Broken: A Poetry Compilation of Love, Heartache & Triumph (discovered at that Amazon associate link), is getting lots of buzz because of the notoriety of Tanasha’s ex-husband, the notorious deceased YouTube star, Kevin Samuels.

“This dude truely idea he changed into something. Thought I desired his stuff, which changed into nothing.”

According to courtroom docket facts, a “Petitioner” named SAMUELS, TANASHA NICOLE out of Garland, Texas, filed a divorce towards “Respondent” SAMUELS, KEVIN ROSHON in Frisco, TX.

Per the Dallas County District Courts, on “09/15/2010 TANASHA SAMUELS filed a Family — Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit towards KEVIN SAMUELS. This case changed into filed in Dallas County District Courts, Dallas County Family District Courts positioned in Dallas, Texas. The Judges overseeing this situation are PLUMLEE, ANDREA D and LEWIS, MARILEA. The case fame is Disposed — Other Disposed.”

Their powerful date of divorce isn’t clean.

Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels changed into higher regarded as “The Godfather” of the so-referred to as manosphere on YouTube, a person who alas currently died all of sudden on the age of 53. The arguable parent changed into cherished through a few and hated through others, as he rose withinside the ranks of YouTube after famously telling one girl she changed into “common at best” and telling ladies they could die alone.

Kevin notoriously criticized ladies who had been overweight, too successful, or people who could “over-talk” him. His following grew to almost 1.four million subscribers.

Tanasha wrote that her ex couldn’t see that she married him for love, now no longer materialistic gains. She married his representative, however at the back of closed doors, the monster jumped out after six months. Chaos ensued and the husband permit the enemy win through taking note of a “friend” who spoke negativity into the marriage.

A deep believer in God, Tanasha doesn’t reputedly call Kevin because the supply of her being “gracefully broken,” however she credit the repairer of the breach for assisting her survive “misplaced love, emotional abuse, and devastating losses…”

It is noteworthy that the ebook date ‏of the ee-e book is‎ January 21, 2021, previous to Kevin’s premature dying in May 2022.

Tanasha wrote approximately looking forward to a person who familiar her and embraced all of her, such as her goals and flaws — now no longer the use of the ones flaws towards her and breaking her down emotionally. Only God should treatment the emotional trauma she endured.

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YouTuber Kevin Samuels’ Ex-Wife Warned Him Before His 2022 Death: Tanasha Nicole Friar’s Prophetic Book

Okay, Tanasha didn’t curse in her ee-e book, however she did allude to looking a narcissistic guy who used the issues of ladies towards them, ready to pounce on their insecurities. Reading among the strains of her awesome poems, Tanasha writes of a philandering guy sharing reports with every other girl, hurting the author.

It could best be the Lord who should contact this unnamed, dishonest guy to extrade his methods earlier than God touched the cussed man for actual, Tanasha warned. The all-seeing Faithful and True could have the closing phrase approximately Kevin, who professed Christianity as his faith.

Yet with Kevin reputedly “turning blue” early one morning (consistent with the 911 name of the event) after falling on a girl who had simply met him the night time earlier than, readers can’t assist however marvel if the trendy feigning godfather changed into taken away for a reason.

Covert narcissists cover in undeniable sight, warned Tanasha.

“Prowling for the following mark strategically with allure and no bark…”

Deception observed through redemption is the call of the sport all through the poems of the girl who misses the person she cherished, searching lower back via social media snap shots of happier instances of the couple together.

Instead of getting a glad marriage together along with his 2d spouse Tanasha, Kevin seems to be painted as a person who tore down her emotional partitions and found out his actual sinister self as a harm and sour guy who couldn’t make his subsequent marriage work. Try as a girl may to heal him together along with her love, it didn’t work.

“You didn’t consider in yourself. You didn’t display sufficient love for yourself…that’s why I couldn’t understand…”

Instead of being the “high-price guy” that Kevin preached he changed into in fancy geared up suits, and unfold like a toxin to his followers, his ex-spouse describes a mysterious dark-hearted guy whose actual individual could be found out.

Kevin regularly criticized ladies who weren’t submissive sufficient to their husbands — even advocating that ladies of a positive age positioned up with sharing their guys or demise alone. He additionally appeared to have a bone to select out with ladies making extra cash than their husbands, all beneathneath the guise of trying to sell black marriage and “assisting humans” see the mild.

However, Kevin regularly referred to that it changed into ladies that had been those who most usually filed for divorce, a truth that manifestly gnawed at him. He didn’t continually point out what culpabilities guys had been liable for withinside the death of marriages.

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According to her Amazon bio, “Tanasha N. Friar is a local Texan and has lived in numerous towns in the state, in addition to Los Angeles, CA.”

Their powerful date of divorce isn’t clean.

Kevin, meanwhile, regularly cited what a vulnerable guy he was while he changed into married. He referred to as himself a one-time “simp,” best allegedly seeing the mild after you have divorced from his actress 2d ex-spouse in addition to his first ex-spouse.

Tanasha is an actress, rubdown practitioner, and entrepreneur who has done on stage, digital theatre, in film, voice-overs, industrials, advertisements and print work.

She acquired honors and her Bachelor of Arts diploma from Huston-Tillotson University, Austin, TX. Tanasha is the proprietor of Tone Therapy, LLC, Dallas, TX, which gives healing ache alleviation via the present of rubdown therapy. She additionally has a web merchandise store, Relentless Natural Spa Bodycare through Tone. Tanasha enjoys assisting and galvanizing humans in every stage of her journey.

According to courtroom docket facts, Kevin’s first spouse changed into Sherrye L. Cravens or Sherrye L. Samuels. Oklahoma Western Bankruptcy Court facts exist from 04/15/2004 and 10/05/2004. A toddler named Kaitlin Samuels changed into listed.

The couple reportedly married on 9/12/02 and divorced in 2005. They have a separated marital fame as of four/15/2004.

IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR OKLAHOMA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, Sherrye Lashawn Samuels changed into the petitioner as opposed to Kevin Roshon Samuels the respondent withinside the “Family and Domestic: DIVORCE WITH MINOR CHILDREN.”

That divorce changed into filed on 12/11/2003, however wasn’t closed till 03/04/2005. See the courtroom docket facts for all of the drama that ensued at some stage in that marriage and divorce.

“Toss you out like a chewed-up toy…”

From evil to freedom

No count number what Kevin’s ex-other halves endured, Tanasha’s ee-e book of effective poems makes it clean that she has survived and thrived through God’s grace alone. She is chosen, her coronary heart is golden, and it beats for her One and Only Maker. It is an ironic word while one juxtaposes it towards the frantic 911 name in which the nurse who tried CPR on Kevin at some stage in his closing mins on the planet stated she should sense his abnormal coronary heart rhythm.


Throughout the whole ee-e book that information heartbreak, abuse survival and a union with a apparently demonic guy, one receives the experience that it can had been Kevin’s very last caution from a girl who cherished him to extrade his methods this aspect of heaven earlier than it changed into too late.

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