One Piece: What happened to Smoker?


One of the distinct functions of One Piece is the masterful reintroduction of characters who have been added and evolved withinside the first 1/2 of of the collection. For example, this befell very these days with Crocodile, who, after approximately 500 chapters considering the fact that his closing look withinside the Marineford Arc, again to the highlight because of his involvement with Cross Guild, a effective organization.

Among the characters added withinside the pre-time pass arcs who then reappeared withinside the 2nd 1/2 of of the collection is Smoker, a Marine officer who presently holds the rank of vice-admiral. While returned withinside the day, Smoker regarded to be a completely threatening opponent for the Strawhats, after his reintroduction in One Piece’s post-time pass arcs, he become pretty disappointing. Follow this text to analyze greater.

Disclaimer: This article incorporates essential spoilers from the One Piece manga as much as Chapter 1061 and displays the critiques of the writer.

Since One Piece’s 2nd 1/2 of began out, Smoker has stopped being a reputable threat

Who is Smoker?


“White Hunter” Smoker is a pro Marine officer who follows his non-public code of justice. He trusts and protects his subordinate, Tashigi, who’s continually dutifully at his aspect, believing withinside the equal beliefs of justice. The Strawhats first met Smoker in Logue Town, one of the closing East Blue locations earlier than getting into the Grand Line. At the time, he become ranked a captain.

Smoker possesses the powers of an extraordinary Logia-magnificence Devil Fruit, the Smoke-Smoke, which permits him to create and freely manipulate smoke. He can completely remodel his frame into that substance, improving his mobility or the usage of it to bind or harm his opponent. Smoker is likewise very gifted in wielding a jitte this is tipped with Seastone, a cloth that straight away weakens Devil Fruit customers upon contact.

After the time-pass and his promoting to the rank of vice-admiral, Smoker discovered the way to use Haki. He is in particular gifted in the usage of Armament Haki, as evidenced through his capacity to make his punches effective sufficient to harm Vergo’s difficult frame.

Smoker become born at the Grand Line, however become in Logue Town at the day Gol D. Roger, the person who observed the One Piece, become executed. He for my part witnessed Roger’s very last smile and nevertheless recalls it to this day. At one point, he joined the Marines, and met Hina, who have become his friend. She supported him on severa events while he become at the verge of being discharged from the Marines because of his disobedience.

Among Luffy’s many combatants withinside the East Blue Saga, Smoker is the handiest person who become capable of defeat him. He fast subdued Luffy and become at the verge of arresting him, had it now no longer been for Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, who interfered and stored his son from getting captured.

After that occurrence, Smoker and Luffy have become rivals. They did, however, increase a robust experience of mutual admire that could closing during the collection. Smoker pursued the Strawhats in Alabasta, and become formally declared as the only who had defeated Crocodile, suppressing the fact that the latter had, in fact, been defeated through a pirate, if you want to store face for the World Government.

Smoker angrily refused the promoting he acquired for that accomplishment, which he knew he failed to acquire. He handiest ordinary it later, understanding that a better rank might deliver him the liberty to pursue the Strawhat Pirates. Smoker met and defeated Luffy once more withinside the Marineford Arc, however become nevertheless not able to seize him, this time because of Boa Hancock’s intervention.

During the time pass, Smoker become promoted to the placement of vice-admiral and assigned to the G-five base withinside the New World. He met the Strawhats once more all through the Punk Hazard Arc, in which he allied with them and the Worst Generation Supernova and previous Warlord Trafalgar Law. Following the very last occasions of the arc, Smoker become attacked through an enraged Doflamingo, however former Admiral Aokiji stepped in and stored him.

After exposing that Vice Admiral Vergo, his former commander withinside the G-five base, become a double-provider who become without a doubt running for Doflamingo, Smoker have become the brand new chief of the base. Together with Tashigi, the opposite subordinates, and the kids they stored in Punk Hazard, Smoker set sail for Dr. Vegapunk’s place.

Instead of following the orders of his superiors, Smoker believes in his very own notion of justice, which permits him to be bendy relying at the circumstances. A testomony to that is that on every occasion Smoker meets the Strawhat Pirates, in the event that they have a more not unusualplace enemy, he permits them to run free, if now no longer even outright joins forces with them, for the sake of saving innocents.

However, as a Marine, Smoker warns the Strawhats that he’ll arrest them at another time, in keeping with his duties. He is ruthless towards pirates and believes in international justice for the innocent. Smoker additionally strongly despises the Seven Warlords, believing them to be not anything greater than pirates, regardless of their reputation as personnel of the World Government.

During the pre-time pass arcs, Smoker had Luffy at the ropes

Smoker regarded to be an impressive opponent returned then. Luffy become by no means capable of in shape him, now no longer even after unlocking Gear Two and Gear Three, his major electricity-ups all through the primary 1/2 of of the collection. One Piece lovers additionally favored the bond of mutual admire that had evolved among the 2.

Many lovers began out to suppose that the relationship among Luffy and Smoker become analogous to the only among the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and the Marine Hero, Monkey D. Garp. The latter’s massive power allowed him to combat on same grounds with Roger, cornering him many times. Despite being enemies at the battlefield, they began out respecting every other, much like Luffy and Smoker.

At one point, Roger and Garp fought at the equal aspect, becoming a member of their efforts to defeat a excellent enemy, Rocks D. Xebec. Sometimes Luffy and Smoker allied towards a not unusualplace enemy too. With a majority of these clean similarities, the parallel among the 2 pirate-Marine duos become taken for granted, main One Piece lovers to have extraordinarily excessive expectancies for Smoker. Unfortunately, he didn’t meet them.

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In the New World, Smoker has been amassing losses one after every other

Due to his outstanding role, One Piece lovers began out thinking about Smoker as “the brand new Garp”. The concept become that he might were to Luffy what Garp become to Roger. However, while the collection resumed after the time pass, Smoker misplaced all his threatening air of mystery and his credibility. During the Punk Hazard Arc, he misplaced numerous essential battles one after every other inside a quick time span, taking beating after beating.

He to begin with misplaced towards Trafalgar Law, with out being capable of push the Supernovas member and previous Warlord to provide his most effort. Smoker later fought towards Vergo. While Smoker to begin with ruled the combat, he become defeated after converting his combating fashion to a much less favorable one if you want to get better Law’s coronary heart and pay off his debt of honor with the pirate.

The final results of the conflict towards Vergo become ambiguous. But, we are able to finish through pronouncing that Smoker did now no longer succeed. To make matters worse, after retrieving his coronary heart and consequently his complete electricity, Trafalgar Law become later capable of overwhelmingly defeat Vergo, belittling Smoker even greater. Nonetheless, the Marine officer’s unfortunate streak become now no longer over yet.

At the quit of the arc, Smoker faced Doflamingo, who effortlessly beat him and become approximately to kill him, had it now no longer been for former Admiral Aokiji all at once performing and making him surrender his intent. Smoker’s credibility amongst One Piece lovers become eroded through one loss after every other. From a threatening opponent to the primary character, all of us taken into consideration him a punching bag.

Smoker’s handiest pleasurable show of electricity withinside the 2nd 1/2 of of the collection become all through the film One Piece: Stampede. However, lovers frequently query if anime films are a dependable supply as compared to the manga. Judging from his overall performance withinside the chapters of Punk Hazard Arc, it may be stated that Smoker’s post-time pass streak is absolutely disappointing, destroying his credibility as “the brand new Garp”.

The closing time Smoker regarded, his feats depicted him as a person who become now no longer even at Commander-degree. As a result, there is no manner he should arise as a powerful opponent for Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid, and the opposite growing rookie pirates, who now no longer handiest reached that degree however additionally handed it significantly.

Final thoughts

According to the leaks, One Piece bankruptcy 1061 shifted the point of interest to Egghead, the island of Dr. Vegapunk, the finest scientist on the World Government’s disposal. After the occasions of the Punk Hazard Arc, Smoker and Tashigi headed there. It is sure that the latter become visible on the G-14 Marine base on a close-by island. With Tashigi being there, it’s miles maximum probable that Smoker may be round as well.

Having come to understand this, many One Piece lovers speculated that Smoker went to satisfy Vegapunk. Realizing that he could not maintain up anymore with Luffy and the others, in particular after mastering their exploits withinside the Wano Arc, he might also additionally have requested the scientist for help in turning into stronger, and he might also additionally have acquired a few form of enhancement from them, along with a cybernetic improve or the synthetic awakening of his Devil Fruit.

While that won’t be sufficient to compete with world-famend powers along with the awakening of the Nika-Nika Fruit or the unlocking of Advanced Conqueror Haki, in any case, it’d be amazing to look Smoker go back to being a outstanding fighter. He is aware of that he cannot administer justice if he lacks electricity, so he might probable be prepared to swallow his satisfaction and allow Vegapunk’s technology assist him acquire the wanted power.

However, on the moment, that is not anything greater than a conjecture that the subsequent One Piece chapters will affirm or disprove. Fans might surely revel in seeing Smoker combat Luffy as a peer or crew up with him once more. With Smoker having again and again expressed his discontent with the World Government, he won’t combat on their aspect withinside the destiny very last battle and rather be a part of the Strawhats and their allies.

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